Pet Friendly Hotels in Virginia - Dog Picture

We Welcome You and Your Pet!

We know pet owners are seeking pet friendly hotels in Virginia. The fact is, people  love to travel with their pets. After all, what’s a getaway without your best friend? Our Virginia bed and breakfast offers pet friendly accommodations. All our pet-friendly rooms are in independent buildings on the property, providing privacy and easy access to the outdoors in addition with 80 acres, there’s plenty of room for exploration and adventures together.

Resident Innkeeper Animals:

The family pets are integral parts of life at The Inn at Meander Plantation. All are “guest-friendly,” but are not allowed in the guestrooms for guest comfort.

Callie, our Golden Retriever, is very enthusiastic and friendly and totally dedicated to her job as the official innkeeper dog.  She is very friendly towards other dogs. She is allowed total freedom of the property.

Dacquoise is a long-haired, buff-colored cat with white bib and paws. Rescued from the dumpster at the Orange 7-11 Store, he is quite curious and social but usually stays just beyond reach. We choose to believe is a Norwegian Forest Cat by heritage, thus he loves to play in snow and water!

Lightfoot and Gizmo are the resident horses. Gizmo is half thoroughbred/Welsh pony; Lightfoot (white back hoof) is a Chincoteague pony from the 1992 Pony Swim. Both are very friendly, but we ask you to always be cautious when petting them (or any horses).


Explore our 80-Acre Estate

Enjoy our own 80 acres with numerous trails for discovering the beauty of our Virginia countryside. If you are more adventurous, our area offers many State and National Parks, and Water recreation areas within driving distance.

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Pet Policies

Meander welcomes our dog guests, and other animals as well. However, for the safety of all guests and pets, we ask that you observe these guidelines:

  • You must have your dog on a leash and under your control at all times for the protection of you, other guests and Meander staff. Please do not allow your dog to run freely around the property. Even if your dog has never been aggressive towards other dogs or humans, “surprises” can happen.
  • We provide fine linens in each of our rooms. While we would prefer that your dog not get on the bed and furniture, if you do allow it, please use the provided “dog” sheet to protect the linens. If one is not in your room, an innkeeper will gladly get you one. You are responsible for any damages.
  • Potty breaks should be confined to areas away from buildings. (Ron, our gardener, asks to use the back yards, not front, please.) While we understand that “accidents” may occur in inappropriate places, please be kind enough to remove it.
  • Please, no dogs in the Manor House. The guestrooms in the main house are totally pet-free.
  • We prefer that you take your dog with you when you are away from the Virginia Inn. We are not a substitute for a kennel. If you must leave your dog for short periods in your room, please crate your dog.
  • No barking … please!
  • Please do not use the inn towels for dirty paws. An innkeeper will gladly get you something suitable.
  • Please be considerate of inn furnishings.
  • Limit 2 dogs per room; there are no weight restrictions.
  • There is a $25, non-refundable, pet fee per visit.

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